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"I have noticed that my menstrual cycle was a lot lighter than it normally is and it was shorter. I wasn't as crabby as I normally am during this time of month!"

Robin J.

"When I first smelled Stress Away, I wanted nothing to do with it! Started putting a drop on my head at work and started to do it to all of my colleagues and it just made the days better!! Years later and here I am loving the effects (and smell) of Stress Away!"

Mae D.
Change management

"Patchouli in my laundry soap and on my dryer balls makes the laundry smell fresh and clean! Love it with Cinnamon Bark added to it too!"

Holly K.

"The acne cream has been amazing for my skin! Ive been taking Life 9 and using Sheerlume w/frankincense, but adding in the acne cream has been a game changer!! Did you know it has probiotic added to it as well? I cannot say enough! Within 3 days I saw remarkable improvement with my skin."

Rayna L.

"Wellness, community, helping others, and financial freedom!"

Kerri D.
Stay at home mom

"I love that I can do this business anywhere and everywhere and spend time with my family."

Christine B.

"I love being able to bless people and walk with friends learning new things."

Emma G.

"I love the people in this business. They have blessed and changed my life more than I can say."

Rosy C.

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