I didn’t always know how to dream.  

In fact, just a few years ago you would have found me crying the Sunday night blues with a pint of dairy-free Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream and a Netflix series.

I had asked myself how I got here many times. I did all the right things, graduated high school, went to college, went to graduate school and got a J.O.B.

BUT I was bored, stuck and overwhelmed.

I changed jobs three times in 5 years.  Newsflash:  I was still bored.  

One day, I got a phone call telling me my salary was being reduced.

In that moment I realized I was at the mercy of someone else’s dream and it evoked a fire within me to beeline it to the life I knew I was worth. I got a glimpse of what my life would look like if I didn’t take action and I didn’t like it!

I dreamt for the first time that day.

And just four years later, I took a leap of faith and came home to creating the career my soul was craving.

Coming home allowed me to find myself, my voice and my passions. It allowed me to not feel guilty about spending time on me. It also allowed my husband to pursue HIS dream career of being a firefighter. Before this, I would have drowned under the pressure of single-parenting while he was away at work.

I’ve successfully lead a team of 2,000 (and growing) men and women to better health and income opportunities in Network Marketing.

By allowing myself to dream, I’ve had the the privilege of helping hundreds of women break free from their limiting beliefs to grow abundant, heart centered businesses that set THEIR souls on fire.  

What is your life begging you for?

What do you want your life to look like 5 years down the road?