Here’s the thing…

We are primed our whole life to fit inside this proverbial box; to look a specific way, to learn a specific way, to enter the workforce with a societally accepted job and to work 40 years towards retirement. But I got a peek at what was outside the box and decided it looked WAY better.

I’ve been on a mission since then to share the so called “uncommon” path because I found that more often than not, the people taking this road were the people who were waking up inspired every day. These people were genuinely happy doing the work they were doing, they were the people who were living their healthiest life. I just knew it was for me. I am linking arms with millions of others to make this road the common road and I am passionate about sharing it.

I don’t beat around the bush, I’ll give it to you straight: I want every single person I know using Young Living, integrating the purest essential oils and toxin-free products available into their every day life. I want this because I have watched unhealthy people become healthy. I have watched uninspired people become inspired.

I have watched people up-level their life with Young Living.

Some people come for the oils. Some people come for the business opportunity. Some people come for both and I am elated to walk alongside all of them. You will never regret this commitment you make to yourself, I promise.

So if you’re here reading this real talk, I want you to know that you have the opportunity to choose the life you want to live. Raising your body’s frequency with essential oils is just the beginning. Wait until you see what happens after that!


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