how to win the "who is more tired" fight with your spouse

Have you ever fought with your spouse about who had a harder day at work? How about who is more tired? These were two big arguments we had all the time before downsizing our life. Every single movie and book portrays making it when you have the big house with the yard and dog and 2.5 children. And without even knowing it, our brains are programmed to feel accomplished and successful when we have those things. So when my husband and I decided to leave the city and find a house, this is what we searched for. Big house, big yard, yadda yadda. We found a great deal on a good sized house and bought it. Very Nice. Great success (read in my best Borat voice).

Then, Adam decided to completely change careers. He was stepping into something he was super passionate about which was awesome, but it did come with an income change….in the other direction. No big deal, we got this. Two kids, two daycare bills, two incomes, one big house, one decently sized yard and a husband who is working...

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