Tell your ego who's boss

I can't tell you how many times I should have asked for help but didn't.  As a kid I would move all my furniture around in my bedroom, by myself, at night...and struggle!  As an adult, I have been known to rearrange rooms around without asking for help. Bookcases are dang heavy and totally awkward to move around by yourself.  I may or may not have scratched walls, floors, and broken pieces of furniture. This trickles into every single area of my life. I am as stubborn as they come, can anyone else relate? 

What is it about asking for help? It's like our ego is telling us if we ask for help, we're not good enough or we're weak and have accepted defeat. 


But that's exactly the opposite of what is happening.  Asking for help allows someone else to step in and shine, while we go shine somewhere else. 

This occurred to me this weekend when I found myself without someone to watch my kids as I taught a class.  My husband got called away for a mandatory overnight fire shift that same evening. I sat and tried to figure out the logistics of somehow bringing my kids (totally not wise and a complete distraction), or moving the class which I didn't want to do.  I hemmed and hawed but eventually got up the nerve to ask a local friend if there was any way possible she was able to come play with the girls while I was out. 

I told myself a story that it wasn't fair to ask her because 1. she has her own kids and 2. it was a Saturday evening. 

But I asked.  And guess what?  She was elated to come do it!  Her kids happened to be at a birthday party at the same time that her husband could bring them to and she was able to have a fun night with my girls.

This applies to so many areas in our lives. At home with our partners, in our work, in our friendships. The first little nudge that we get in our minds about asking for help is our intuition, follow that.  The little voice that tells us we're weak for asking for help is our ego.  Leading with your intuition will create enormous space for growth. 

Can you pick a spot in your life where you can ask for help? What would happen if you did?



Guinevere Stasio