Borrowed belief

This weekend I finally got some time to sit down with the husband and talk about everything thats been happening since the beginning of the year.  He knew I launched my very first coaching program called The Goal Getter and welcomed in our first 14 members to the program (some of you are here, yippeee!). 

He had never really heard me speak out loud about my soul's calling though.  I'm not sure why, and this was a reminder to me to talk about it more often, especially with the ones who support me in everything that I do.  Not for approval, but for connection.

I told him that women are constantly being ridiculed for being too pretty, not pretty enough, too tall, too short, too skinny, too round....the list goes on. 


When I was in 6th grade, two boys slipped turtle wax into my desk because I was so flat chested (isn't everyone flat chested in 6th grade?!).  The universe laughed because when I entered high school, I had developed quite a bit. All four years, the football team constantly teased my then boyfriend and talked about how large my chest was behind my back.  Both of those instances deflated my soul. I found myself questioning a breast reduction in high school!  Changing my body just to fit in?  

I found myself just existing in the "in between" so that I didn't call any extra attention to myself.  And I would have remained there had I not took the steps to expand my mindset.

My goal, my purpose, my REASON for being here on this earth is to empower women to find their true, authentic voice because I know deep inside what this opens up for you.  I believe in every single woman and sometimes it's a matter of borrowing MY belief of you in order to find your own.  But once you find that belief.....oh man, watch out world!  THIS is what you take away from the Goal Getter. 

The two most important days in our life are the day we were born and the day we realize why we were born.  

During this week as everyone is talking about showing up and loving someone else, I challenge you to show up and love yourself.  Get honest with yourself.  Ask yourself if you are doing the work you are called to do from your soul.  And if you are not, let's make that happen!