I bribe my kids with donuts


I bribe my kids with donuts sometimes. Today I went looking for an outfit for my four year old and realized her wash had been sitting in the washing machine wet for two days. I snooze my alarm knowing full well it will make us late for school and then get mad that we have to rush. I get mad at my husband for forgetting to turn the fan on when he showers then find myself forgetting too. I say I need to be better about staying in touch with my friends and then forget to text them.

Some days I feel like I barely have my shit together, but here’s what I know: I know that I love as hard as I can love. I know that showing my kids I’m not perfect will make them better humans. I know that when my friends don’t hear from me, they text me and check in knowing that life just got crazy. I know that regardless of any of those things, my friends and family love me just the same.

And isn’t that what it’s all about? Loving and being loved in return. Doing the things that fill you up. Spending time with the people who bring you joy. And not worrying about how you “look” to other people, because #whocares

Can we make a promise to each other? Can we stop feeling like we need to prove ourselves to other people? Can we just show up authentically and without expectation of ourselves and others?

Let’s not make things harder than they have to be, ok?