Why we're saying "no thanks" to owning a house

So, we’re moving. And not just moving, we’re downsizing a lot. It sounds crazy, and even more crazy to those who have visited us in our home. When we moved to NH from MA we lucked out. We got a crazy good deal, Our 860 sq foot house got an upgrade to 2600 sq feet. The yard was big, we had four bedrooms, three fireplaces and we even got married in our backyard.



But we hardly had enough furniture to furnish our house, it was really big, we had to start preparing for winter in the summer, and we were feeling burnt out on the homeowner front. We weren’t able to enjoy time together as a family and things were stressful.

Then I read Disrupt-Her - an awesome book by Miki Agrawal that has changed the way I think. Specifically, page 42. Her father was telling her she needed a big house with a backyard now that she had a son. Miki’s husband chimed in and said “..if we love our lives and love each other, it’ll be hard to raise an unhappy kid”, and went on to explain why living in an apartment was allowing them to redefine ownership, to share with a community which allowed them flexibility to move around, travel, and have adventures. To do all the things that were important to them.


As soon as I read that I just knew what I wanted to do. We talked it out, A LOT. I realized that more stuff did not equal a better life. I realized that my ego was getting in my way of living a happier life because I was afraid people would think my business wasn’t successful if I sold my big house and moved into a condo.

Guys, babies laugh 300+ times a day, adults about 20. Miki says “Unless we change course and create playful intentionality in the things we do, our adult lives can and will become mundane, predictable, and, well, unfunny.”


I think this is the only string left holding me back. I don’t want to play house anymore (and by that I mean, I don’t want the house to own me), I want to be free and completely unrestricted from the standards society places on us as adults.

Our memories we created here will stay with us, but we purged a lot of “stuff” in the moving process and it feels amazing! Condo living, here we come! And quite honestly, I’m thrilled to not have to mow my lawn for a while.

Guinevere Stasio