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  • 12 essential oils (Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Thieves, PanAway, Citrus Fresh, Valor, Peace & Calming, Raven, Digize, Frankincense, Stress Away)

  • Diffuser of choice (my favorite is the Desert Mist)

  • Thieves cleaner sample

  • 2-Ningxia Red sample packs

  • Thieves hand sanitizer

  • Access to our educational community - classes, posts, videos, giveaways and FUN!



  • 2 - 75 ml bottles of Ningxia Red

  • Stress Away essential oil

  • Thieves cleaner sample

  • 2-Ningxia Red sample packs for sharing

  • Thieves hand sanitizer

  • Access to our educational community - classes, posts, videos, giveaways and FUN!



  • 1 Foundation (color of choice), Foundation brush made in Italy, 1 blush, 3 eyeshadows, 1 lipgloss

  • 1 5ml bottle of Lavender

  • Thieves cleaner sample

  • 2-Ningxia Red sample packs for sharing

  • Thieves hand sanitizer

  • Access to our educational community - classes, posts, videos, giveaways and FUN!



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How to use your essential oils

Maximize your life

Now that you have your oils, supplements or clean living products, head on over to our education section to learn how to revamp your life using Young Living.

Essential Oil Basics

The Most Commonly Used Oils




Lavender Fun Facts: Lavender is one of the most well-known and well-loved essential oils. It is commonly referred to as the “Swiss Army Knife” of oils. There is more synthetic Lavender on the market than the real thing, and Young Living’s is the purest you can get.

Common Uses

  • Topical and Aromatic – Supports calming emotions, skin support, skin smoothing and soothing, seasonal support, hair strength, relaxing.

Best Practice

  • Aromatic – Diffuse during the day for better focus. Diffuse at night for a more restful night’s sleep.

  • Topical – Add a few drops to your daily face cream and serum.  Add several drops to water in a spray bottle to mist over a pillow or to freshen a room.



Frankincense Fun Facts: Frankincense has been traded around the Middle East for over 5,000 years. The tree is cut, then the sap/resin that slowly oozes out of the tree and dries is collected and steam distilled.

Common Uses

  • Topical and Aromatic – Calms mood, supports meditation, and enhances skin smoothing.

Best Practice

  • Topical – Apply a drop to the back of neck to support brain health and focus.

  • Aromatic – Diffuse for a relaxing meditative experience.



Lemon Fun Facts: It takes about 75 lemons to make one 15mL bottle of Lemon Essential Oil. It is cold pressed from the rind rather than steam distilled. It is so high in Monoterpenes, you can use it to clean the blackest grime off of surfaces with ease! It is great to use to clean your fruits and veggies too!

Common Uses

  • Topical and Aromatic – Helpful for uplifting moods; a grime dissolver and skin brightener.

Best Practice

  • Topical – Apply to nail beds and rub in to support nail strength. Apply a drop to a greasy spot to dissolve.

  • Aromatic – Diffuse for an uplifting, fresh, and clean aroma.


Copaiba Fun Facts: Copaiba, pronounced  kō-pī-bah or kō-pī-ee-bah, is steam distilled from the oleoresin, which is a mixture of the essential oil and resin of the plant. It is excellent to help calm and soothes body discomforts.

Common Uses

  • Topical and Aromatic – Helpful to calm and focus the mind when diffused or applied topically. Helps to soothe muscle tension when used during massage therapy.

Best Practice

  • Topical – Apply topically after strenuous exercise. Rub a drop on the back of the neck and temples to support calming cognitive support.



Peppermint Fun Facts: It takes about one pound of peppermint material to produce one 15mL bottle of Peppermint Essential Oil. It is a natural hybrid of Spearmint and Watermint. Peppermint is a driving oil that helps drive other oils in deeper and faster.

Common Uses

  • Topical and Aromatic  – Uplifting and energizing aroma, cooling sensation for topical use.

Best Practice

  • Topical – Rub a drop on location with carrier oil after a strenuous workout. Apply a drop with carrier oil on temples and back of neck for a soothing cooling sensation.

  • Aromatic – Apply a drop on your hands and breathe in deeply to help uplift and open your airways.



Stress Away™ Fun Facts: Stress Away is a customer favorite blend, and it’s commonly joked that users would bathe in it if they could. It contains a small amount of Vanilla absolute, making it a favorite among kids and adults alike, with children often calling it their “vanilla ice cream oil.” This blend contains 5 single oils: Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Ocotea, and Lavender with a touch of Vanilla absolute.

Common Uses

  • Topical and Aromatic – Calming for emotions, helpful during times of stress, great for focus and mental clarity.

Best Practice

  • Topical – Rub a drop on the wrists and back of neck in the morning for a more focus-friendly day.

  • Aromatic – Add 6 drops to a cold water diffuser at night to calm the environment for a more restful night’s sleep.



PanAway® Fun Facts: When a person physically needs this blend, they usually smell it and love it! They say they could almost eat it (but don’t do that since this oil is not for consumption!) PanAway has a childproof cap that indicates the oil is not for consumption. This blend contains  4 single oils: Wintergreen, Helichrysum,  Clove, and Peppermint. Helichrysum is known for its regenerative properties.

Common Uses

  • Topical – Apply this oil with carrier oil for a refreshing after-workout experience.

Best Practice

  • Topical – This blend is best used topically. Apply on location liberally as needed. It is considered a hot oil, meaning it can feel biting, but has a cooling sensation, so it is best to use with a carrier oil.



Thieves® Fun Facts: The name “Thieves” comes from a legend about four thieves who rubbed on a similar blend before they robbed the dead and dying during the plague. This blend contains 5 single oils: Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary.

Common Uses

  • Topical  – Amazing fresh aroma, helps freshen the room.

Best Practice

  • Aromatic – Diffuse to keep air smelling clean and fresh.

  • Topical –  Massage a drop to the bottom of the feet to support fresh-smelling feet.



Raven™ Fun Facts: Raven™ is a cleansing and opening blend that creates a cooling sensation when applied topically to the chest and throat. It calms, soothes, and protects for overall wellness. Rather than use a synthetic chest rub, this blend is a pure botanical option when wanting to support health. A favorite for moms, dads, kids, and all humans; this helpful blend contains 5  single essential oils: Ravintsara, Lemon, Wintergreen, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus Radiata and is perfectly safe for your kids and babies when diluted.

Common Uses

  • Topical and Aromatic – Calming and flushing for healthy airways.

Best Practice

  • Aromatic – Diffuse for a calming and relaxing environment.

  • Topical –  Rub a drop on the chest and back to encourage respiratory clearing.

Note: Use carrier oil with children under 6. Caution with babies. Caution around pets.




Citrus Fresh™ Fun Facts: This energizing blend fills the whole room with an amazing aroma! The uplifting scent of blended citrus oils with a touch of Spearmint makes this synergy a family favorite. This blend contains 6 single oils:  Orange, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lemon, Mandarin, and Spearmint.

Common Uses

  • Aromatic – Diffuse to freshen the room and for clarity.

  • Topical – Skin cleanser and toner

Best Practice

  • Aromatic – Diffuse to freshen and energize a room.

  • Topical –  Apply as your signature perfume. Use in night cleansing and moisturizing routine.



DiGize™ Fun Facts: A life-saver for many people and many do not leave home without it. This blend contains 8 single oils: Tarragon, Ginger, Peppermint, Juniper, Fennel, Lemongrass, Anise, and Patchouli.

Common Uses

  • Topical  – Calming and cleansing.

Best Practice

  • Aromatic – Diffuse for a fresh aroma.

  • Topical –  Rub a drop on the abdomen.



Ningxia Red®

Ningxia Red® is a whole body supplement for a more healthful life experience. The wolfberry, also known as the goji berry, is touted for having high antioxidant properties. A daily shot helps support better energy and normal cellular function, as well as whole-body health and wellness. Four ounces of Ningxia Red® equals one serving of fruit; however, one ounce has the antioxidant equivalent to eating 4lbs of carrots or 8 whole oranges!

Common Uses

  • Drink one ounce daily to support health or as needed.

Best Practice

  • In the morning, drink one ounce of Ningxia Red®.

Is it Safe?

  • Ningxia Red® is safe for all people from solid-food eating children to adults. Pregnant and nursing women should also consider using Ningxia Red® as part of their healthy daily regimen.




The Dewdrop or Desert Mist Diffuser comes with your Premium Starter Kit. 


Cold-water diffusers are essential to any family that wants to promote a more healthful environment.

The benefits of diffusing:

  • Supports  more restful sleep.

  • Supports better daytime focus.

  • Promotes healthy air quality.

  • Helps force dust to the floor.

  • Creates a healthy ionized room.

  • Promotes an uplifting environment.

  • Helps neutralize odors.

  • Safer alternative to candles.

  • Helps to elevate moods.

  • Promotes better energy.

Exploring the Diffusers:

Aria™ Ultrasonic Diffuser – As pictured aboved. Gorgeous glass dome with a solid American maple wood base, this diffuser comes complete with multiple settings from 1-3 hours, a range of LED color options, plus it plays relaxing spa-inspired music or you may plug in your own personal music device. It’s an ultrasonic atomizer and humidifier all in one.

Rainstone™ Diffuser – This stylish black high-end clay base ultrasonic atomizer and humidifying diffuser comes with multiple settings including timer from 1-8 hours, LED control with various color options, as well as the ability to turn on or off the ionizer.

Dewdrop™ Diffuser – This workhorse diffuser is also a family favorite. It is the only silent diffuser and features 4 hours of run-time with automatic shut-off. It is an atomizer and humidifier all in one.

Desert Mist Diffuser – The Desert Mist diffuser has a stylish modern design and is perfect for any room. It is an atomizer, humidifier, and aroma diffuser in one easy-to-use product. It features up to 10 hours of run-time depending on the mode you use. It has 11 different light settings including a candle-like flickering mode.

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