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The Young Living Opportunity

This is a PERK of becoming a member, but not a requirement. If you’re ready to be a part of and grow a business with Young Living, a universally known, household name that is revered and respected for the countless benefits it brings to humanity, I welcome you!

Young Living is currently open in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Italy, Greece, Austria, France, Romania, Spain, Ecuador, Singapore, Malaysia, Netherlands, U.K., Japan, Hong Kong, Philipines, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Denmark and 50 plus countries! Young Living’s mission is to foster a community of healing and discovery using nature’s living energy, essential oils. We pride ourselves on empowering and building up leaders so that they can step into their true authentic self, speak their voice, and grow successful businesses.

I’m just going to say it, women make powerful leaders! They are leading the way in Network Marketing.

Theres typically a few things you want to evaluate when you are looking at any business or entrepreneurial adventure:

#1 is the company as a whole:  I am confident Young Living will stand the test of time, that the people are real and have big hearts and they are be able to solve problems if they arise.

#2 is the products: Young Living is the world leader in essential oils and essential oil products. There’s a need for the product, the quality is unsurpassable, it’s priced to sell (competitively in the market) and we as distributors benefit.

#3 is the compensation structure: Can I be paid? It is important to me that a brand new person signing up would have the opportunity to earn a little bit of money quickly. Likewise, there’s money for the people who really give it their all and go after it and there’s no cap on the amount of money that I can make with this company and you will be paid forever. That’s residual income and it’s the key to wealth.

#4 is the timing: What I found was that this is the perfect relationship between opportunity and stability.  You have a company with the track record, you have good products, you have a HUGE draw in the marketplace, an opportunity to get in FRONT of and a company with heart and passion.  This company is on trend in a million directions, you have the opportunity to get yourself positioned in front of that if you decide to take action before it becomes obvious to the rest of the world.

#5 is the support available:  I was absolutely stunned to realize that they do it all: warehouse the product, ship the product, do the accounting, help with international expansion, registration of product, and research and development.  They provide platforms and systems to help me build in a meaningful way. I’ve never seen in my life the amount of support in comparison to the cost to get involved.

SO, let’s dream a little bit:

How much do you want to make this year? The income is limitless and honestly, the more work you put in at the start, the faster you’ll see your business double, triple, quadruple in a short amount of time.

How much are you willing to work? The time you spend on your business is always worth it.  Creating a duplicatable business that will pay you forever is worth every hour worked.

How can you make it worth every penny? Are you willing to do something that not everyone understands?  Gotta be a trailblazer, a left road taker when everyone else is going right, a doer and a giver.

You can do this!

Choosing someone who is passionate about this opportunity to lead you is important! If we work together, know that you will receive our strategic system training and will have the opportunity to work one on one with one of the leaders in the top .18% of the company! I pride myself on my ability to empower, uplift and help build authentic businesses leading to long term success in Young Living. To get started on your own Young Living business journey grab your Premium Starter Kit below.

If you need help guiding you in the right direction just reach out and e-mail me.

This is healthy, this is happy, this is ABUNDANCE.


Doctor of Audiology, Network Marketing Industry Leader, Certified Aromatherapist, Aroma Freedom Practitioner